Working together

How can I help you?


Through my Travel Illustrations, I help businesses, organizations and the self-employed engage with their customers by evoking a sense of longing and connection.


I can help you to bolster your customers’ sense of belonging to a particular region, to awaken their longing for faraway places, or to heighten their appreciation for their surroundings and nature.


My distinctive, minimalistic style also helps to boost the unique aesthetic of your brand. My illustrations transform your product, marketing material or corporate message into something truly eye-catching and beautiful.


So, who do I help?

  • Book publishers, calendar publishers
  • Cities and towns, tourist boards
  • Businesses with regional products
  • Businesses in the travel sector
  • Businesses and organizations in the environment and nature conservation sector
  • Businesses with a strong regional focus
  • Businesses, organizations and individuals that want to engage with their customers by evoking a sense of longing, freedom, connection and belonging.

Three ways you can work with me:

  • I can create an illustration just for you and your company. It doesn’t come any more unique than this. You choose the specific usage rights you need.
  • Have you spotted an illustration on my website that you like? If so, you have the option of purchasing the right to use pictures from my Travel Illustrations portfolio. The benefit for you: you save on commissioning costs.
  • Do you have an online poster shop or retail business and would like to stock and sell my illustrations? You can do so with many of my Travel Illustrations.

How exactly does it work?


First, we discuss in detail what you’d like from your customized illustration. What audience do you want to reach? What emotions should the illustration convey? Where and how do you intend to use it? Do you have any photos of a particular place you can share with me for inspiration? Which of my illustrations on my website especially appeal to you? Which colours do you like? Which colours match your branding?


Once I have a thorough understanding of your requirements and ideas, I begin by researching images and drawing simple black-and-white sketches. I normally present you with 1 or 2 sketches. You then have the opportunity to request any changes.


Once you’ve chosen a sketch, I begin to implement colour. Again, you then have the opportunity to request any changes.


The final step is for me to add my own characteristic structure to the illustration. This gives each illustration much more depth and a handmade look.


Your illustration is then ready, and I send you the completed file via WeTransfer.